Ekuator is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients. We strive to build strong, long-lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect. Our goal is to help our clients succeed in their business by leveraging the power of technology to drive growth and innovation.

Our Service

One Time Development

Delivering a good system to a client is essential to ensure business success. We strive to understand deeply of the client's business processes, challenges, and opportunities. Develop a detailed system design that considers usability, reliability, scalability, and security. With regular feedback and collaboration with the client to ensure it aligns with their vision and objectives.

Retain Development

Building a sustainable technology system that aligns with the business needs of clients requires a deep understanding of the client’s operations, goals, and values. The process begins with a thorough needs assessment to identify areas where sustainable technology can be integrated to support the client's goals and objectives. This involves analyzing current operations, identifying opportunities for resource optimization and energy efficiency, and designing a technology system that maximizes sustainability while also meeting the client’s unique needs.

Research Development

Providing expert insights and recommendations for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and enhance their customer experience. Utilize knowledge of technology and industry best practices to conduct in-depth assessments of a company's existing systems and processes, identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions that align with the client's goals and objectives. By working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges.


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Our Solutions

Custom Software Development

Content Mangement System

Digital Activation



Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

Cloud Migration

Cloud Monitoring

Web Application

Dashboard Back-Office

Search Engine Optimization


Desktop Application (Windows, Mac)

UI/UX Design

Application Testing

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